The TRIANS estate is nestled in the Sainte Beaume natural park, in the heart of the Var and green Provence. In the hollow of these small mountains, at altitude, facing north, men decided in the 18th century to plant vines and make wine.
Three bastides bear witness to the local agricultural development. Today we cultivate 24 ha of vines in organic farming.
On a soil of collapsed mountains, clay-limestone and gravettes, Château TRIANS quickly made a reputation for its "red" land.
Currently, 24 hectares are planted in a single location. 5 grape varieties make up the 3 colors of Château TRIANS.
- Château rosé: cinsault, grenache
- Château white: sémillon and rolle
- Château red: grenache and syrah

All our wines have been organic since 2011

Organic farming at Domaine de Trians (83 )

The harvest begins in mid-September and ends in mid-October. It is often a mechanical harvest.
The distance between the place of harvest and pressing being very short, our grapes arrive at the press in less than 15 minutes, which greatly limits the risk of oxidation.
We obtain the slack after destemming and crushing in our own press. To protect the grapes and the wines, the entire pressing process is carried out with inert gases (nitrogen).
The wines will then be sent to stainless steel tanks to age them.
The red Château will be aged in 40 hl tuns for 12 to 18 months, so that its tannins are slowly polished.

Château Trians in Néoules (83)

Château Trians Rosé 2022

Grenache (50%), Consault (40%) and Syrah (10%)

The Domaine’s grapes are harvested late for the region, between September 15 and October 15, once they have reached full maturity. Also the Château rosé is rarely presented before the month of March.
This is a beautiful crystalline rosé wine with a robe between rose petals and peach.
The nose is spring-like, very fresh, with aromas of pink grapefruit, pomegranate, lilac, on a iodized which generates a maritime feeling.
The attack on the palate is soft then the wine imposes its balance and its unctuous texture with great charm. Gradually, however, the wine restores its terroir. Thus the finish is fresh, long (tangerine aroma), but also very sapid (refreshing salinity and bitterness of the grapefruit zest).

This wine has the accent of Provence
Serve today and until 2024 between 8 and 10°C in a large glass.

 The casks of Château Trians

Château Trians Rouge 2020

Grenache (50%) and Syrah (50%)

Selection of very ripe Grenache, still young Syrah (5/15 years).

Aging in Demin Muid (Grenache), in Lightning (Syrah) for 12 to 18 months.

Colour still fresh as it is edged with purplish reflections.
Nose of character well open on the fruit (blackberry) but also on notes of noble wood, cedar, on a smoky and iodized background. The whole is rich and ambitious.
The attack on the palate is broad then the wine is consistent and the texture, dense, evokes velvet. In the mid-palate, the tannic structure begins to melt into the body of the wine.
The finish is powerful, dynamic, long and punctuated by caressing tannins and a saline note.

This is a well-born and skilfully aged wine, suggesting gastronomy
Serve today today and until 2030 at 20°C in a large glass

Chateau Trians white 2022

Rolle (80%) and Sémillon (20%)

The wines are aged in stainless steel.

Wine awarded a gold medal in Paris

Bright and pale green colour.
Elegant nose with aromas of yellow flowers (mimosa), yellow peach, cade, as well as a hint of lemon and pineapple.
The attack on the palate is fresh then the wine is full and the texture is tender, on an acidulous background.
The wine restores its terroir with delicacy then character.
The finish is fresh, saline and very long on aromas of pineapple.

This wine has the accent of Provence
Serve today and until 2026 at 8 °C in a tall glass

Cuvée Château Trians - Gold medalist in Paris 2023


DegreeResidual sugarsATpHSO² TotalAV
Red Castle 2019 13.5° 0.4 grams 3 3.65 54mg 0.45
White Castle 2021 13.5° 2.15 grams 2.84 3.36 99mg 0.38
Château Rosé 2021 13.5° 0.40 grams 2.96 3.36 76mg 0.27

Château Trians in Néoules (83)

But Trians is not just a wine estate, it's also a holiday resort!
You can come from 6 to 48 people, take advantage of our 4 cottages in the heart of nature, in the heart of green Provence.
Our 17 suites are comfortable and contemporary and access to the 3 swimming pools is private.
Whether for a seminar or a holiday, Le Domaine de TRIANS is here to welcome you.

Château Trians in Néoules (83)