The TRIANS estate is nestled in the Sainte Beaume natural park, in the heart of the Var and green Provence. In the hollow of these small mountains, at altitude, facing north, men decided in the 18th century to plant vines and make wine.
Three bastides bear witness to the local agricultural development. Today we cultivate 24 ha of vines in organic farming.
On a soil of collapsed mountains, clay-limestone and gravettes, Château TRIANS quickly made a reputation for its "red" land.
Currently, 24 hectares are planted in a single location. 7 grape varieties contribute to the 3 colors of our wines.
- Château rosé: syrah, grenache
- Château white: sémillon and rolle
- Château red: grenache and syrah

All our wines have been organic since 2011

Organic farming at Domaine de Trians (83 )

The harvest begins in mid-September and ends in mid-October. It is often a mechanical harvest.
The distance between the place of harvest and pressing being very short, our grapes arrive at the press in less than 15 minutes, which greatly limits the risk of oxidation.
We obtain the slack after destemming and crushing in our own press. To protect the grapes and the wines, the entire pressing process is carried out with inert gases (nitrogen).
The wines will then be sent to stainless steel tanks to age them.
The Château rouge will be aged in demi-muid and in 40 hl casks for 12 to 18 months, so that its tannins are slowly polished.

Château Trians in Néoules (83)

Château Trians Rosé 2023

Grenache (50%), Consault (40%) and Syrah (10%)

The color of Château Trians rosé is fresh and light. It evokes the reflections of the skin of lychees.
The first nose is delicate and airy. It suggests fruity (pomelo, strawberry, pomegranate) and spicy (thyme, white pepper) aromas. Little by little, an iodized feeling is revealed, a maritime note, usual with this wine. The attack on the palate is soft, pleasant, then the wine reveals its balance, between freshness and salinity. When warming in the mouth, the sensation takes on a little substance and warmth. Fluid and saline, the wine gradually generates a clearly maritime feeling.
The finish offers good length, as well as a slight astringency coupled with an elegant salinity. Refreshing, harmonious, Château Trians rosé is perfectly balanced and restores the identity of its terroir. Serve at 8°C in a classic glass. It will be kept until 2025.

This wine has the accent of Provence
Serve today and until 2026 between 8 and 10°C in a large glass.

 The casks of Château Trians

Château Trians Rouge 2021

Grenache (50%) and Syrah (50%)

Selection of very ripe Grenache, still young Syrah (5/15 years).

Aging in Demin Muid (Grenache), in Lightning (Syrah) for 12 to 18 months.

The garnet color of Château Trians 2021 is still very purplish, which shows the potential of this vintage. The nose offers a nice character with aromas of black fruits (cherry, blueberry), cloves, tobacco, on a vanilla, menthol and bloody background.
The attack is fresh, then the palate proves dynamic and already very well balanced. Structured by elegant tannins and astonishing freshness, the tasting produces a feeling of smoothness and joy with peppery notes.
The finish is a continuation of the palate, long (8 to 9 seconds), saline and "licorice".
The wine restores its terroir with frankness and honesty. It has the accent of Provence and the identity of its year of birth.
To be served today and until 2030 at 20°C in a large wine glass.

This is a well-born and skilfully aged wine, suggesting gastronomy
Serve today today and until 2030 at 20°C in a large glass

Chateau Trians white 2023

Rolle and Sémillon

The wines are aged in stainless steel.

The pale yellow color is brilliant, almost crystalline. It suggests freshness.
The first olfactory impression is spring-like and intense. It offers the freshness of white peach and Granny Smith, enhanced with an elegant touch of white pepper and white flowers. Allowed to breathe, the expression is deeper with an iodized note which immerses us in the Provençal universe. the attack on the palate is soft and comfortable. In development, o, benefits from a pretty, fleshy, warm and lively material. the whole generates a fluid and very delicate texture, suggesting silk.
The finish is frankly salivating and clearly saline. It ends its course after 7 to 8 seconds on a warm note.
This is a very seductive wine, with a bursting nose of freshness and a dynamic and typical palate. This wine thus demonstrates a beautiful identity with a distinguished finish.
Château Trians blanc 2023 can be enjoyed today at 8°C in a large wine glass or stored until 2028.

Cuvée Château Trians - Gold medalist in Paris 2023


DegreeResidual sugarsATpHSO² TotalAV
Red Castle 2021 14° 0.4 grams 3.64 3.54 77mg 0.38
White Castle 2023 13.5° 2.15 grams 2.84 3.36 99mg 0.38
Château Rosé 2023 13.5° 0.40 grams 2.96 3.36 76mg 0.27

Château Trians in Néoules (83)

But Trians is not just a wine estate, it's also a holiday resort!
You can come from 6 to 48 people, take advantage of our 4 cottages in the heart of nature, in the heart of green Provence.
Our 17 suites are comfortable and contemporary and access to the 3 swimming pools is private.
Whether for a seminar or a holiday, Le Domaine de TRIANS is here to welcome you.

Château Trians in Néoules (83)